Find The Right Size Storage Unit For You!

Storage Unit Guide

Contents Example of Contents Sizes
Boxes & Goods
Clothes, sports equipment, children's toys, some small furniture (i.e. chest of drawers & single mattress), some other small personal items
5'x5' to 6'x6'
1 to 2 Rooms Sofa, chair, chest of drawers, mattress set, dining room set, boxes & other small items 6'x6' to 5'x10'
3 to 4 Rooms Furnishings for a one or two bedroom apartment including refrigerator, washer/dryer, patio furniture, boxes & miscellaneous items
5'x10' to 10'x10'
4 to 5 Rooms Furnishings for 2 or 3 bedroom apartment or house including major appliances, patio furniture, many boxes and miscellaneous items 10'x10' to 10'x15'
5 to 6 Rooms Furnishings for 3 or 4 bedroom apartment or house including major appliances, patio furniture, garage extras, many boxes and miscellaneous items 12'x15'  

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Things To Think About

  • Does your bedrooms include more than average furniture items.
  • Basements should be included as 1-2 bedrooms depending on size of the basement.
  • If your storing items that can comfortably fit into a 5'X10', 12', 15' unit, think about what if you need to store more items in the future. Considering your budget it may be worth it to move up to the next size.
  • You don't want a unit where all of your items are crammed so tight into a unit that it is practically overflowing.
  • Check with your homeowners insurance company to see if your belongings will be covered while in storage.
  • Accessibility is a major concern when choosing the right storage company. Our parking lot is perfect for big trucks,  Vans, Trailers, and more. Plus our facility is extremely easy to find.
  • Security should be your number one concern when storing valuables. Our state of the art alarm system monitors every unit and our surveillance system records our facility 24 hours a day seven days a week 365 days out of the year.  We use custom cylinder locks so only you can access your posessions. Your valuables are safe inside Mt Top Storage Units.
  • All of our storage units are climate controlled to keep your items from being tarnished or damaged.

Storage hours of availability

Monday  thru Sunday  7:00 A.M  TO  7:00 P.M